Floor installation company in Miami, FL

Flooring is a very important component of a home. Due to its large extent in square footage in comparison with other components, flooring needs to be nice in order to give your renovated home the results you expect. Here at A1 America’s Handyman there is not a renovation without new flooring. Porcelain floors, Tile floors, Wood floors, Laminate floors, marble, carpet, you name it and we can install it.

In today’s market, the variety of floors is almost endless. However, a newer trend has happened. No longer the small little tiles are being used in bedrooms and bathrooms throughout Miami. Larger, rectangular (in walls) and square (in floors) are being predominant. The main reasons are because they give a sense of enlargement of the rooms and are also easier to maintain.

Regardless of the final purpose of your home (to rent or to live in) we can accommodate your desires within a budget that works for you. Give us a call and we can gladly help you with your flooring needs.